Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bumper Stickers

I like bumper stickers.  Several years ago, I pumped gas behind a fellow with the best bumper stickers ever.    I told him I was certain we wouldn't agree on politics, but he had awesome bumper stickers.  He seemed surprised that a conservative could have a sense of humor and compliment someone with whom they disagreed.  I don't remember what all his stickers said, but I got the biggest kick out of this one.

Yesterday, my son completed his volunteer hours at the Museum of Science and Industry.  That marks the 11th time since January that I've hauled five kids into and out of Chicago on a weekday.  That's even less fun than it sounds like.

When we left, we discovered a handwritten note under our windshield.  It read "From one homeschool mom to another, you have great bumper stickers!"

Are you into bumper stickers?  I shouldn't be.  I hate visual clutter.  But I have just enough kitsch in me to really love these.  So amuse me.  What do your bumper stickers say?  I used to have one promoting my cousin's kid that read "Life is Song.  Sing It!" I was sad when it disintegrated.

My current bumper crop:

Training Hearts and Minds: Christian Home Education

Break the Conventions, Keep the Commandments (GK Chesterton)

and my personal favorite, the ubiquitous yellow caution diamond which reads:

Caution:  Unsocialized Homeschoolers on Board


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  1. I agree with you Holly. I love reading the cute ones, but I don't like the clutter. We just have the white stickers that go on the back window. Nothing cute or clever, just admitting that we spend a lot of time and money at ball fields!