Saturday, January 1, 2011


A few days ago, I learned the ecstasy and ultimate agony of numbers.

I am still a little down from having too few digits in that category.

Turns out I'm an overachiever in a different digits category.  Weight.

Or, as my nearly five year old princess put it last night while drawing a picture of me, "Oh, mama.  I am sorry I drew you so fat."  At least she put a big smile on my portrait; I'd hate to be both fat and cranky.

This lady provides simple and powerful info on how to reverse the excess digits.  Maybe I paid attention because, like me, she has five kids.  And, also like me, she gained a lot of weight with her kids.  What sets us apart is she took hers all off and I am staring down the final 20 pounds this year.

Off to exercise!


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  1. I've had comments like that, only now I think that since the child is 13 she does it to get me going! My mom taught first grade for years, and she had a sweet little one tell her once that she wasn't fat, she was just squishy. ;)