Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disney Tickets for Less

Hat tip to Chicago Homeschool Network for setting me on a journey that saved my family hundreds of dollars on Disney tickets.  CHN mentioned homeschool days at Disney and I set off to investigate.

Are you aware of Disney Youth Education Programs?  There are homeschool specific days, but also many programs that any child can participate in.

Here's the kicker:  your entire party can get discounted tickets if your kid does one of these programs!  You can't purchase more adult tickets than you have kids participating unless you are a family with an only child.  I placed two of my kids in a program--we chose Everyday Chemistry offered at Epcot--in order to get two adult discounted ticket packages.  A family can order up to four discounted packages for kids regardless of how many children you have doing the program.  Whatever first program you select per child is included in the package price.  Additional programs are available at $28 each.

Are my two kids ecstatic at the thought of devoting three hours of their Disney time to a class?  Not exactly, but  knowing Disney, this will not be any ordinary boring class.  I explained the savings and the necessity of them taking one for the family in the name of thrift.

You can explore all the programs and pricing here.  Before I knew of this program, we typically purchased discounted tickets through the reputable Undercover Tourist site.  Their prices always beat Disney's official site and they tend to have better savings the more days purchased.  With the special Youth Education program pricing however, tickets for a 5 Day Park Hopper package were $181.53 each, tax included.  I needed six tickets as Mr. Mischief will only be two when we go to Disney and under 3s don't require a ticket.  If I had purchased the tickets on Undercover Tourist, I would have gotten a six day, one park entry ticket.  We find that it's less expensive to purchase more days at Undercover Tourist rather than get the park hopper.  As long as you buy more days than you will be at the parks, you can use two tickets in a day if you decide to park hop.  Those tickets would have been $261.95 for five of us and $239.95 for my one under age 10 requiring a ticket.

What does all that mean to me?  $460 in savings by purchasing through the Disney Youth Program packages.

It's a magical day!



  1. Wow, thanks for this info! I am looking into right now! Did you have to call, because online it looked like you could only register groups? I have been trying to find discounted tickets for the remaining 3 in my family (6 can use military discount tickets - another option for up to six people)

  2. Hi, Jackie! You should be able to register online for individuals. I did and didn't have any problem. The link within my post should point you in the right direction.