Monday, October 17, 2011

Would You Hire This Missionary?

I blogged about this once before on my old blog, but recently ran across this note again.  Our son, back in 5th grade, had an AWANA assignment to write a letter asking to be a missionary and explaining his qualifications for the job.

Here is that kid's letter, verbatim:

I think that I would make an adequate missionary.  I do well at persevering but to be honest I still might back out.  I do posses the fruit of the light and of the spirit, I believe.  I believe that I can pursue problems until the very end.
I have some cons too.  I will get angry on a normal bad day.  I also am normally optimistic but I do have those days.  I am interested in most things and am practically a mathematic genius. (Not to brag.)  
I hope you take me into minor consideration. ( I am not sure I want to be a missionary.)

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