Friday, June 28, 2013

Mr. Wonderful Never Stood a Chance

There's been an unfolding drama in our house over the past couple of months. The backstory includes: 

* DD7 stating she wanted a hamster.
* Her dad stating he never wanted a smelly hamster in the house. Never. There would be no hamsters.   Ever.
* Her dad taking her to the pet store just to look around.
* Said daughter coming home with a betta fish, completely thrilled (I chalk that one up to Mr. Wonderful's 22-year stellar sales career).
* Our friend asking us to hamster-sit their rodent Oscar while they were on vacation.
* Love at first sight for DD.
* DD wondering how long betta fish live? And she wants a hamster when her fish dies. 
* Our friend letting us borrow Oscar the hamster for a few more days.

The story reached its pinnacle last night. The princess called a meeting with her dad, kicked me out of the living room-"It's private, Mom"-and presented him with her written magnum opus:

Why Dad Should Let Us Have a Hamster
Some hamsters are very nice, like Oscar. Just look at him. He is so soft and kind. Watch how he eats from your hand. Isn't he lovely? They're so furry and live in cages. Isn't that nice?

When I questioned Mr. Wonderful later, he characterized the talk as a "sincere request." He told me, though he hasn't yet told her, that he'll let her get a hamster "but not until after our vacation in September." I fully expect this timeframe to shorten and that we will have a hamster ensconced before Independence Day. 

Mr. Wonderful is a man of strong conviction, but he is no match for the cuteness and sincerity of his one-and-only baby girl. He never stood a chance.


  1. I love this, Holly! Your daughter is a genius! And I have recently found myself in the same camp as Mr. Wonderful. After brushing off my daughter's requests for anything furry countless times, she is currently doing a research paper on how to care for a bunny. I will have to see how convincing she can be. :)

  2. You never hear the bullet that hits too....