Monday, November 29, 2010

Adjusting for our seasonal ADHD

In a normal year, June is the only month we take off from "school."  I use quotes because most everyone knows that education need not be confined to school time.  In fact, the two often exist as mutually exclusive subsets.  I merely become more stealthy than usual in June and lighten up some of the daily skills practice.  July and August build a reserve that allows me to adjust our schooling in December without guilt.  

'Cuz let's face it--the clan, they do get squirrely in December.  Frankly, so do I.

The only December task for which the kids can muster single minded focus is hunting down every present hiding spot.  This they accomplish with ruthless efficiency.  Holiday toy catalogs become their singular choice of reading material.

I begin dreaming of Tuba Christmas and other holiday activities.  Our "school" looks increasingly pale and anemic in comparison to Gladiator Challenge and Family Christmas Fest.  Closing the gaps pointed out by the kids' academic evaluations seems best saved for the doldrums of February, not the crisp excitement of the Christmas season.

"Fun it up" becomes my December schooling mantra.  My definition of fun rarely matches the kids', but I don't let that deter me.  We have a beautiful new Mac which we underutilize, so this month, I am determined to learn how to use the darn thing.  Being far too lazy to do this myself, I will assign each application to a kid to master and teach to me.  They need the practice and will like that they get to be on the computer without it counting toward their allotted hour of media time.

They also need to learn how to cook better.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, thoughts of my Dishwasher Salmon--which I did try despite Mr. Wonderful's protests--are returning to haunt you.  Fear not, this time, I have a book!  My children may never know how to bake chicken, broil meat or mash a potato, but who could resist learning to cook Hotch-Potch, Hopping John and Marched Pane? I will oversee while nursing some Whipped Syllabub.  Doesn't it sound like fun?  The cookbook fits our colonial America study theme and theme is so much more important than silly little things like food being edible, doncha think?

How does your family adjust for December's fantastic frenzy?



  1. I had to talk to my class today about keeping chill until break. They were tightly wound the week before Thanksgiving, I cannot imagine what the week before Christmas break like...

  2. Oh! How exciting! I can see from your labels that you are serious about learning to use your Mac! I gave a friend a tutorial a few weeks ago, and she was shocked at the greatness of the computer that has been sitting on her desk for years. My kids can teach yours to use iMovie, if they would like instruction. :)

    We are NOT going to do school in summer. I don't care how hard we have to focus in December. I will not miss one minute of summer for anything.

  3. I had to come back to read the salmon recipe. Hilarious!