Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get your Kids Free Money by this Sunday!

A truly great deal out there this weekend.  ING Direct (FDIC insured) is offering $25 bonus into each kid savings account opened by Sunday.  You can do this online here.

If the link is not working, just google ING Direct.

The minimum amount to open the account is $.51 cents.  The savings account pays just over 1% interest currently, up to six free transactions per month.  Easy online registration form.

The only slight snag is that you will only be able to set up for one child immediately.  When you try to open an account for the second kid, a box pops up that says there is a slight issue with your account and it gives you a number to call.

I waited on hold for about three minutes. 

In short, you can't set up a second account until ING confirms your primary bank account.  This is easy to do, but takes a couple business days.  The phone rep will give you a reference code, good until mid-December, that you can use to open the add'l kid accounts and still receive the $25 bonus.

Well worth the very slight hassle for $125 (in our family's case).  The adult does not need to be an ING customer (we aren't) to take advantage of this offer.


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