Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am clueless, but that is beside the point.

Take a look at my cell phone--a Nokia 1100 which the Chicago Tribune termed "sexy as a trip to the dentist"--and you get the idea that I'm not a leading indicator of all things new and hip.

So you will forgive me for just this past week discovering  Not that I don't hold each and every one of you partially responsible.  You'd think you might mention a blog written by a homeschooler that gets 10 million hits per month (yes, you read that right) and generates a million dollars a year in ad revenue for its author.  You might have shot me an email that it would be wise for me to buy P-Dub's cookbook.  Or that I might want to line up to see the story of how she met her husband as portrayed on the big screen by Reese Witherspoon.

But you didn't and so I had to go find her on my own.  Which only took me five years more than the rest of America.  Thanks.  Now I am kicking myself that I have to volunteer at AWANA this coming Wednesday rather than be watching the Food Network when The Pioneer Woman engages in a Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  TiVo it? DVR?  Please refer to paragraph one.  I'd dig out an old VHS tape to record it, but I never figured out how to do that either.

I thought this entry in her homeschooling section captured a lot of how many of us--well, those of us with a sense of humor anyway--think of the endeavor.

One paragraph of Ree's in particular that I love:

Lots of people support our decision to homeschool. Some are quietly guarded. Others think we’re mentally ill. I vacillate between all three myself. Believe me, if you’re shaking your head reading this, I understand. If you think I’m a nutjob, I totally get it. If you think my kids will grow up to be weird, you’re probably right. And if you think I’m a freak? You’re right on the money.
But you know what? It works for us.



  1. My phone is four years old. I use it to make calls. Well, actually I use it to allow it to ring in my purse, car, pocket, and then I use it to return calls. I don't know how to text. I don't want to learn...

    So that may make my phone even sexier than your phone.

  2. My teens have made me begin to text as they cannot be bothered to waste one whole minute of their cellphone time that they pay for themselves to talk to me. It only costs them 1/3rd of a minute to receive a text. However, I did have to have someone turn off my "predictive text"--I couldn't type anything with that feature on!